Hair accessories

My Style is known for its functional, yet stylish products. When looking for good hair care basics, look no further: My Style has your new favourites!

There are many different hair types and styles that require their own brand of care. Choose the right comb or brush for you to achieve the results you want. Our tools are both modern and elegant, and are very suited for long-term use.

Our hair accessories are a quick and accessible way to finish a look or complete an outfit, without breaking the bank. Make your hair pop with these mesmerizing hair accessories!


My Style - Borstels

Quick styling

Cushion (pneumatic) brushes are often have an oval shaped brush head that lets the sturdy pins feel softer. This effectively massages the scalp while brushing. These brushes detangle the hair with ease and are less likely to break. This type of brush is ideal for thick straight or wavy hair.

Round or flat brushes that have ventilation holes allows air to circulate through your hair while blow-drying. This not only lets the hair dry faster, it also makes sure your hair retains its shape and volume throughout the day. Thermal round brushes come in various sizes, and are used for straightening the hair or creating curls. The brushes are often ceramic, allowing the brush to retain heat better than regular tunnel brushes. This makes for real ‘blow-out’ results that last.


Detangling and styling

These combs have a tooth spacing varying from wide to narrow, and are ideal for detangling wet hair. The combs can be used with hair products such as gel or wax, to achieve the exact style you are looking for. The handles makes the comb very comfortable to use.

Combs with a metal pin tail are designed to create perfect and precise parting. Excellent to use when braiding the hair. This comb is also suited for teasing the hair for volume!

My Style - Kammen

Hair accessories

Accessories for hairstyle on red background

Finishing touch

Elastic hair ties and scrunches come in various sizes, colours and textures for both adults and children. The offering varies from basic thick fluffy bands to sturdy thin trendy bands and ties without metal connectors. Whatever your styling needs, My Style has the right hair tie for you!

Hair pins, such as bobby pins, are most effective for creative stylish hairstyles that will stay in place all day. You can choose various subtle pins and clips that don’t stand out. Looking for hair clips that do stand out? Snap clips come in different sizes and styles, and can be used to create a new look every day!

There is no such thing as a bad hair day when wearing one of My Style’s sleek and stylish hairbands. Whether it’s an everyday band or a colourful or bejewelled one that you fancy, a hairband is the ultimate finishing touch for any outfit.